Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Monday, September 10, 2007


Todays quote from Kent "With the Damon haters I see only "according to me's" by people who refuse to identify themselves publicly in contrast to Damon's identification which is plain to see." Well lets do a visual of that. Now which head is Damons? he has had nose jobs. Hairline movement, surgery to change how far his eyes are apart, a perm to make his hair curly, and look at all that hair dye? Did he dye it white? Or did he dye it black. Where did he find the plastic surgeon who changed his ears so quickly. In the july 4th picture with the white hair they are small, look at how they have grown in the beard pic taken last week. This is cosmetic Surgery at it's best. Now Kent you turd here is a lesson in dogs. When you started your lies about the fictional Marc and your love nest in Tribecca you stated you had a Golden Retriever. Then you had two dogs and now we have a picture. Can you at least remember your lies? A Golden retriever is not a beagle....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Finally a REAL pic of Kent

Here finally after all this time we have a certified picture of Kent. Our sources have certified this picture and despite Kents denials it was taken in Rockland MA as he was waiting for the crowd to lighten up at the Buffet. There were six people on ons side and Barbara on the other.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Only in the lying world of Kent Barclay are these two people the same person. Can you stop lying please!!!!! there is no MARC!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

now here is the third pic of the fictional Marc

CAN YOU STOP LYING KENT? Poor guy had a nose job and lip implants all to love Kent......

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The many faces of a liar

The many faces of a liar. These are just a few of the people Kent has claimed to be as well as the fictional lover Marc. Q. Which one is Kent? Answer none of them.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Did you ever imagine DK was in the bathroom preparing for a date as he was on that occasion and he did not wish to be disturbed? You silly geese. I think we should disturb you some night with a moron process server just when you're trying to clean out your unforgivable filthy assholes or otherwise cleaning yourself for a hot date"

This is what the lying turd posted today. Now besides the fact that at the time he said he was on a Sabbatical in the Benelux Countries, and not in a welfare motel in Norwell, how Kent asshole do you explain living in a one room dump of a motel with your mother? How do you explain that you let her have the stress of fending off a process server? You going on a date was more important than your mother's stress level? Remember she is an self-admitted elderly women with high blood pressure and you having a date was more important than her health? And who the hell would date you? As for Richie Fine, who the hell is Richie Fine? What about the imaginary Marc? Is he imaginary jealous of the imaginary Richie Fine? How was it when you looked across that motel room and said Mommie mlook at what I have done? Look at where my genius has brought us? You are nothing more than a lying piece of shit you TURD. I invite all to see the actual court document about the coward Kent Barclay and how he abused his own mother.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

my first post

it is hard to describe the shame I feel having been a part of evil. i lied and i lied because i was in fact the very hater i accused others of being. my first attempt at atoning for my sins is to try and explain to that great man of truth mark adams how sorry i am for carrying the water of the slug on the windshield of life, damon kruezer. I just felt so sorry for him he had me believing for years that everyone was a hater and he was being maligned. then as the sun rose today a sense of warmth came over me when i realized that why was it everyone else on the planet is lying and only damon/kent was telling the truth? then i started to remember all the lies he told that I knew about, all those he asked me to tell, and i decided enough is enough. from this moment i, troy halston renounce the living turd damon kruezer/kent barclay and declare my freedom from his lies and join the truth tellers in exposing how evil damon is and how sorry i am for all the lies i told for him. first and foremost to you mark adams i see a beacon of light that has fought this virus for years often alone and i pledge top never lie for him again and hope that somehow i can make it up to you.