Sunday, July 29, 2007

my first post

it is hard to describe the shame I feel having been a part of evil. i lied and i lied because i was in fact the very hater i accused others of being. my first attempt at atoning for my sins is to try and explain to that great man of truth mark adams how sorry i am for carrying the water of the slug on the windshield of life, damon kruezer. I just felt so sorry for him he had me believing for years that everyone was a hater and he was being maligned. then as the sun rose today a sense of warmth came over me when i realized that why was it everyone else on the planet is lying and only damon/kent was telling the truth? then i started to remember all the lies he told that I knew about, all those he asked me to tell, and i decided enough is enough. from this moment i, troy halston renounce the living turd damon kruezer/kent barclay and declare my freedom from his lies and join the truth tellers in exposing how evil damon is and how sorry i am for all the lies i told for him. first and foremost to you mark adams i see a beacon of light that has fought this virus for years often alone and i pledge top never lie for him again and hope that somehow i can make it up to you.


yves mignon said...

I too know of the pain of which you speak. I was sucked into his world of deciet as well and for many years I to followed him into the abysss of his insanity. He tells not the truth but the lies of one who is hated by all who have laid eyes on him. The stench of him still permiates my nostrels and the site of him still burns my eyes but I as you have decided to atone for my sins and move on to stop him in his slow moving tracks. He is a boil on the ass of humanity and we must not let him perpetuate his slanderous lies any longer. I say to all who have been blinded by his hate step into the light of forgivness and atone for your sins.

Marc said...

You are no more the original person whose name youve hijacked than Elm is a legitimate blogger. You and the phony Yves are both just haters basing your blogs on Damon to get your 15 minutes worth.

Its backfiring becuz y'll are helping Damon in a big way. Take a look at our site and youll see what i mean. Right now we are in the Big D in Geo. Bush country. Damon continues to be amused and gratified at all the attention and new associations you all are bringing him.

Damon is right about his former associate Nathan, why dont you haters give him sum credit for trying to do the right thing and calling Nathan out like this?

One good thing, Nathan has paid back the money he owes Damon, now they are totally separated.

All righty then, off I go. Damon is waiting for me. Oh yeah i know you wanna know so ill tell ya, im Damon's special friend pictured at the top right of his website. I designed his new banner isnt it cool?

Ta ta!

P.S. Damon LOVES Jason Ridge, who is doing such great publicity work 4 him.

Marc said...


I'm the real marc, and it seems that Damon is trying to impersonate me once again. Even though I've left his fat lying ass, my apologies for the confusion.


Stop logging in as me and spreading the hate and lies you so well do.