Sunday, July 29, 2007

my first post

it is hard to describe the shame I feel having been a part of evil. i lied and i lied because i was in fact the very hater i accused others of being. my first attempt at atoning for my sins is to try and explain to that great man of truth mark adams how sorry i am for carrying the water of the slug on the windshield of life, damon kruezer. I just felt so sorry for him he had me believing for years that everyone was a hater and he was being maligned. then as the sun rose today a sense of warmth came over me when i realized that why was it everyone else on the planet is lying and only damon/kent was telling the truth? then i started to remember all the lies he told that I knew about, all those he asked me to tell, and i decided enough is enough. from this moment i, troy halston renounce the living turd damon kruezer/kent barclay and declare my freedom from his lies and join the truth tellers in exposing how evil damon is and how sorry i am for all the lies i told for him. first and foremost to you mark adams i see a beacon of light that has fought this virus for years often alone and i pledge top never lie for him again and hope that somehow i can make it up to you.