Sunday, August 19, 2007

The many faces of a liar

The many faces of a liar. These are just a few of the people Kent has claimed to be as well as the fictional lover Marc. Q. Which one is Kent? Answer none of them.


Jon said...

Chatrooms are buzzing about the big name model Damon just interviewed. Seems he also has a bunch of screeners the studios want him to review. So it looks like U are totally hurting him majorly, he just can't function.

Congrats to you.

V.J. said...

Jon aka Damon,
Thank you- as always you are full of shit.

Dane Avery said...

There is no big name model who would waste their time with him.
The only screeners he might get are from studios so small they have not yet experienced his insanity.
Of course you're hurting him. He wishes he were any one of us. If we all weren't hurting him, the "professional journalist" that he is wouldn't have the time to post all this crap; he'd have other things to keep him busy.
And what other columnist boasts that he gets screeners? When Kent gets one lousy screener, it's a headline.

Matthew said...

Dane you are one lying bitch queen, aren't you? Damon just proved you wrong again, look at who he is interviewing. Jealous much? We know you are. Also the screeners list he sent out in his latest newsletter are big name studios as well as smaller ones. Hey its all about getting publicity dude and Damon is fabulous at getting industry people and the fans talking, even you know that. No wonder his chief rival imitates him and copycats him so much!

And Damon's latest about Harlow really sums it all up about him. No one else has this. Only DK.
He is one of the TOP TWO in the industry as a writer and columnist without a doubt. You haters just make him even more important than he already is. So keep on hating on him its all good!

Dane Avery said...

Lying bitch? I'm sure everyone finds that as amusing as I do.
Look at who you're interviewing? Hmm...didnt that Adams guy just do an interview with those two losers? I woldn't exactly call that a coup.
No big studios would send you a crumb for your poor old mother, let alone a screener. And everyone knows that, so live in your delusions.
ANy info you have on Harlow you steal from other sites. Everyone knows that. You are a joke, and everyone knows that too. You may entertain in your sick little way, and you sure have made a name for yourself. Not a name anyone in their right mind would want, though.

Jon said...

Word is spreading like wildfire that the FBI office in New York has received some evidence that indicates Sean, Grant and Bryan Phillips were ALL involved as snitches to 2 different branches of the Feds and Interpol. The thing is, Bryan didn't know S and G were, and vice versa. Now how twisted is that?

As to the source, it turns out that someone often mentioned on these pages has ferreted all this out after his own dealings with the FBI.

Frosting on the cake is his vividly detailed description of Harlow as an escort with a fairly well known politician, which is indeed something he's indicated from the get-go.

Now it turns out he's talking with big name models and I hear, investing in their start-up with money paid him as a result of his involvement in all this.

A lot of money which is how he relocated.

And no, he's not being investigated for anything, I am sure of that.

Which is more than can be said for some people owning blogs and posting on this one.

This is JK and I'm out.

Dane Avery said...

KentJon, your slip is showing.
Which should be the least of your worries.
JK=short for Jerk.

Matthew said...

So now Ms. Dane Avery under her much better known "screen name" punishes A list models who don't join his "hate DK" campaign by DELETING POSTED INTERVIEWS just because he had a HISSY FIT when DK's MUCH BETTER INTERVIEW was posted today?

And you dare to accuse DK of being twisted? Man you take the cake!

As if only people YOU approve of should be able to write, interview or participate in the industry? Screw that shit! Why don't you just FADE AWAY to the retirement home and let the BETTER WRITER have his day, huh?

Before you do, please explain why "everyone" should hate DK just because you are so jealous of him.

Be prepared to PROVE any allegations you misrepresent as fact.

And please do point out the "insanity" as you like to say of what DK is saying on his site today. What, exactly, is "insane" according to you?

DETAILS bitch! Back up and prove what you allege to be FACTUAL or be forever known merely as a jealous wannabe!

YEAH dudes! The real YVES join in!

Troy Halston said...

Kent how dare you come on my blog and speak of truth. You would not know it if it bit you on your ample ass. You asked for fact? Look at my page there you are in all your glory in a welfare motel with your mother hiding in the bathroom!!! That is the truth, that is Kent W. Barclay.....

elmysterio said...

damon = idiot